The Internet Created Billionaires Because It’s God’s Mountain

No one person was responsible for the Internet as it was a process over time and involved necessary communication practices engaged in during World War II. Even the first computer was a product from that event. What was needed to make it the powerful force that it is today was for the input of ideas into a few brains that remarkably came together in time and place to bring it about. That is because it is prophesied in the bible as the Mountain of God whose coming is in the last days.

Micha 4:1 states that at this time the Mountain of God will appear above all the mountains and people will flow to it. That is happening now as everyone in the world is aware of it and most are already benefiting from its massive information bank of zillions of pages and millions of subjects.

It is just one of the signs promised for this time. Another is the return of the dead in their own bodies in preparation for judgment (Isaiah 26:19). This would be completely missed by a bemused world in which God and the prophecies are a mystery that most have no idea about. Those who are ‘tuned into them’, however, have not yet appreciated the meaning of the changes we see around us.

The Spirit of the Universe is in control of all things and it is the only God (Isaiah 45:4-8) and it has done all of this so that a special group called the children of Israel will be delivered as the harvest at the end. To make it happen those who have brought it about were made billionaires as an incentive to others to continue the work and create all of the systems that make it function.

My reincarnation is evidence of how everyone has come back and that heaven and hell are myths to side-track those who are not spiritual. It’s all in the plan laid out in the Old Testament prophecies for those who have a channel to the Spirit and can appreciate their contents.

God’s mountain is the teacher and it is pouring out the truth and great light over the world of darkness and corruption. Wars, climate change and global warming are only part of what is to come as the earth succumbs to its fate. Everything is verifiable through the Internet and the communication devices that allow messages to race from one part of the world to another in a fraction of a second are part of it. It’s the greatest miracle of our age.