Top Three Business Benefits of a GPS Fleet Tracking Solution

More and more businesses are considering a GPS fleet tracking solution. This type of system uses a device installed in each vehicle to relay information back to the home base through a network of satellites. This can include real time location tracking, distance and driver logs, vehicle history and other data. This can be an excellent tool for businesses to ensure that they are working to optimum efficiency and cutting unnecessary expenses.

Accounting benefits:

A GPS fleet tracking solution can make the accounting and bookkeeping tasks of your business to be simplified. Instead of needing to collate handwritten driver logs and overtime cards, the system can provide a report with all of the relevant information. The fleet management can provide a report with time stamped listings of the vehicle activity for any specific location. This can reduce data loss and inaccuracy allowing clients to be invoiced without needing to spend time communicating with the drivers. In the event of an invoice dispute, a detailed report can be provided to the client.

Improved customer service:

A comprehensive system can also be of great benefit to customer service. Vehicle tracking allows for an accurate time of arrival to be provided to the client. This can reduce the need for telephone calls chasing delivery times and proof of delivery. Many systems also allow for an interface, which can be used by customers online, allowing them to gain the information needed without having to call in to the office. This can improve the level of customer service, while freeing up administration time, allowing your staff to focus on boosting business.

Effective route planning:

GPS tracking can allow you to obtain a route and vehicle history up to several years. This allows for proper analysis of the data to improve route planning and logistics. The GPS system can alert you to traffic hot spots and accidents, and allow the vehicles to avoid them on an alternative route. Additionally, should you require a vehicle to attend to an urgent client request, the home base has all of the vehicle locations and can divert the vehicle closest to the client, without needing to check in with every driver, saving time and fuel. Since fleet running costs account for a high percentage of expenses for most businesses, effective route planning can improve fuel efficiency and reduce running costs of the vehicles. Since the routes are also effective and efficiently planned, there is less pressure for drivers to speed to reach their destinations on time.

A GPS fleet tracking solution can provide a whole host of benefits to businesses. They can assist businesses in improving efficiency and streamlining costs. This can allow businesses to divert funds into activities which will help their business to grow even further.