Be Remembered With a Microfiber Phone Cleaner

Finding the right marketing products to keep your business’ brand in the minds of your customers and clients is always a challenge that many companies fail to spend the proper amount of time invested in. Various promotional product companies have blazed a trail, creating the marketing solution that will keep your brand name in the hands of your customers every day and keep your brand visible to everyone they encounter.

Marketing Benefits of the Microfiber Phone Cleaner

Microfiber phone cleaners attach directly to the back of your customers’ smartphones, tablets or computers. The marketing benefits of using custom branded microfiber device cleaners include:

  • Customer adoption. One of the best ways to keep your brand in front of your customers and clients is to have them adopt daily usage of your marketing products. Because the microfiber cleaners are so useful, your customers can use them for every device they own.
  • High visibility. Customer usage of our microfiber cleaners equates to high visibility for your brand. When your customers use their phone in a coffee shop, conference room, or even at the mall while shopping on a Sunday afternoon, your company will be visible to everyone in sight.
  • Enhanced brand image. Providing your customers with high quality marketing products reflects the high standards that you hold for your own products and services. Give them the message that you represent quality from the first time they encounter your marketing.

The ways in which the market has adopted these great marketing tools are numerous. Companies with a big trade show presence have utilized these screen cleaners by the thousands, branding the microfiber with custom logos and handing them out to the throngs of attendees at trade shows. This has made many companies go viral among the trade show circuit making companies place reorders of the screen cleaners to the tune of thousands to hundreds of thousands at a time.

Other companies have taken a different approach by handing out custom screen cleaners to their employees as gifts of appreciation. Around the holidays there is usually a huge uptick in sales of screen cleaners to be handed out to all the employees. This effectively turns all of the employees into walking advertisements for the company by branding their phones and other personal devices.

Think you have a clever idea on how to use these screen cleaners? Have a great message to get out into the world? Try microfiber screen cleaners and be remembered.