Phone Accessories: Tips On What To Look For

Phone accessories have blown up as a bona fide market ripe with retail outlets, whether you are awkwardly making eye contact with the kiosk worker in the mall or going to the Apple store. Just like most lucrative markets, stores have been inundated with various products that widely vary in quality and usability.

Below is a snapshot of the types of products on the market to help you navigate the confusing market of personal tech accessories.

The Products:

Phone Cases – I don’t really know anybody that has a phone that hasn’t at some point tried a case. Usually people discover they either like cases or don’t like the bulkiness. When looking at phone cases it’s important to identify what you are looking to do. Do you want a case for protection? Otter Box is a tried and true brand for protective cases. Do you want a case for looks? There are dozens of cheap bedazzled cases for youngsters or hipster wood cases to take your individuality to the next level. This definitely falls under the category of preference. Make sure to search around online. Many companies or resellers will simply buy cheap cases, bedazzle them at home, and then resell them online. If you are interested in a product do research within the reviews and the company site to determine the relevancy of the company. If there is barely any information available on the company be wary.

Screen Cleaners – A newer trend now that mobile devices are ubiquitous around the world is the screen cleaner. There are various types of screen cleaners on the market. Some that come with a microfiber cloth and a spray to moisten your screen, others that simply stick on the back of your phone, that you can peel and clean and reuse. Identify what you are using these for, personal or business. Many promo companies offer excellent screen cleaners not only for bulk orders, so a business can brand them and hand them out, but for one off sales for personal use. Look at the reviews and ask if it’s a US based company. If not chances are you are getting a cheap knock off from China that won’t last a week.

Cables, Speakers, Phone Wallets, Chargers, Stands, and More – There are thousands of products out there. If they’re on amazon make sure to research the company thoroughly, ensuring you are not simply buying a cheap knock off. Many of these products come from Promotional Product Companies. Make sure to get a hold of someone in customer service at a company, as many promo product companies simply offer check out on their webpage where you can complete you order and promptly be sent a heaping pile of garbage that won’t last. Companies that really back their products (most products not including electronics) offer free samples so you can get the product in hand and fall in love with the quality and usability.

Be conscientious on finding the right product for you. It’s a lot cheaper to find a great product that you need to spend a bit more on but will last forever, than save a little money on a product that won’t last a week.